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  • T – Model mobile folding screen systems consist of odd number ( three/ five/ seven) 50 cm or 75 cm or 100 cm wide panels.
  • Standart screen width/ length is between 150 cm and 700 cm.
  • Available in different heights : Between 155cm and 200cm
  • When the panels are set up it has a wall-like flatness without using extra apparatus.
  • Can be easily set up , fold together after use and rool – stored away.
  • As the system has its own carriers and does not require extra holder/column.
  • T – Model is much more economical and cost effective than the other similar systems in the market.

T - Model


    • Most prefered folding screen system especially for examination room and bed side.
    • Made of recycled material. It has non-flammability and antibacterial properties.
    • Secured by a patent and 100% local production.
    • It does not contain any filling material.
    • Foldable screen systems are easily set up, fold together, practical,  hygienic and economical, also available in different colors and finishes to match the current decoration.
    • It is stain-proof, it can be cleaned easily and quickly with every kind of cleaning agent.
    • Does not restrict the elbowroom in the usage area.
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