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ParPlus got into market with “Great solutions in small areas" motto and the aim of increasing employee motivation, productivity, efficiency and the use of existing areas in the premises without losing  area of utilization. ParPlus is a patented, 100% local production Folding Screen Systems consisting of special designed modular panels.

 ParPlus Folding Screen Systems offer more economical, durable, easier, hygienic features than traditional and existing systems in the market with its decorative and wide product range.

Office Divider/ Wall Systems provide privacy, without compromising the space integrity, and establish the personal space while strengthening the business association. Office Divider/ Wall Systems do not prevent eye contact with other employees, allows daylight, increases concentration and motivation by providing personal working private area and comfort. Office Divider/ Wall Systems are harmonious with the decoration, without any re-construction or modifying walls, ceilings or floors, offer stylish-decorative and economical solutions without increasing the cost(s). With Office Divider/ Wall Systems you have the opportunity to produce with the appropriate materials in the existing furniture. Office Divider/ Wall Systems provide economic solutions that do not force your budget, creates special areas with folding screens away from being confined.

It improves the efficiency of area utilization by preventing the space loss caused by ordinary partition systems fixed to the floor or ceiling in narrow or wide areas. Without restricting elbowroom Flexibly usable, can be easily set up, fold together after use and rool – stored away and can be positioned in seconds.


With antibacterial feature, it can be used in places requiring high hygiene like hospitals and  doctors' surgeries as well as clinical rooms. It is stain-proof, it can be cleaned easily and quickly with every kind of cleaning agent.


It is more economical than traditional products in the market in medium and long term. Made of durable, long-lasting recyclable materials. To clean; there is no need to remove it to another place or disassemble   It provides savings from manpower and time.


Flexible Usage

With its proprietary carrier and the trolley systems can be easily fold open, fold together after use and rool – stored away and can be re-positioned just in seconds.


Actual Dimensions

ParPlus Modular Folding Screen Systems having 180 degree angular positioning and with the flat-like feature as the wall without having lenght-loss the measure you want is the measure you actually use.

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